Monthly Archive: June 2015

Photo Moments from May 2015

Remember the best moments of May 2015 together with Sisu team. Find yourself,tag you friends, share on Facebook. Hotel Restaurant July 11 Sam Divine @ Sisu Roof Party 21 Photos July 10 Sisu Friday Pool Party 25 Photos July 7 Tuesday Staff Party Puerto Banus 70 Photos July 04 Sisu Hotel Day Roof Party 14 Photos July 3 Friday Pool Party 47 Photos June 30 Sisu Staff Party Gone Mad …

Chloe Sims and Elliott Wright reunite in Marbella for TOWIE special at Sisu’s Cavalli Club

As reported in the Major UK press, Sisu’s sister club “Cavalli Club” hosted the TOWIE cast and crew for filming recently. All of the regular cast was featured at Cavalli Club, with the featured programs about to be shown on the ITV network soon. The program has in the past featured at Sisu before and at other venues across Marbella, and they no doubt were …