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MARQUÉS DE RISCAL ROSADO 2016 Introduction Marquess of Riscal initiates the wines making rosés in the 60s, coinciding with the centenary of the wine vault, from grapes of young vineyards, of less than 15 years. This rosé is prepared by the procedure of pressed inside a concept of classicism and refinement, achieving a slightly habitual delicacy, freshness and gentleness in this type of wines. It …

Poker Stars Tournament 19 – 25 June 2017

Pokerstars live tournament just started next to Sisu in Casino Marbella. Within 5 minutes walking away you can stay in comfortable rooms with high speed internet and keep playing online, while waiting for poker tournament to start.  Tournament timetable: JUNE 22 NL Holdem – PokerStars Festival Marbella Main Event Inscriptions since 10 de May al 18 de June – 1100 € Enroll PL Omaha – …

July 4 Rooftop Party at Sisu Hotel

Every Saturday come and enjoy time with our resident DJs from around the world. Dive into atmosphere of open air deep house party at Sisu Boutique Hotel Puerto Banus <a href="https://www.sisuboutique.com/wp-content/gallery/july-04-sisu-hotel-day-roof-party/IMG_9120.JPG" title="All-day long party at Sisu Hotel Rooftop, Puerto Banus Marbella" data-src="https://www.sisuboutique.com/wp-content/gallery/july-04-sisu-hotel-day-roof-party/IMG_9120.JPG" data-thumbnail="http://www find this.sisuboutique.com/wp-content/gallery/july-04-sisu-hotel-day-roof-party/thumbs/thumbs_IMG_9120.JPG” data-image-id=”8037″ data-title=”July 04 Rooftop Party at Sisu Hotel” data-description=”All-day long party at Sisu Hotel Rooftop, Puerto Banus Marbella” class=”shutterset_9030098fab11d579afa7d1810008d430″>

July 3 Sisu Hotel Friday Pool Party

And yet the party never stops down here at Sisu Boutique Hotel. Visiting Marbella or Puerto Banus? Come see us, we will make your day unforgettable. <img title="July 3 Friday Pool Party at Sisu Hotel" alt="July 3 Friday Pool Party at Sisu Hotel" src="http://www.sisuboutique singulair medication.com/wp-content/gallery/july-3-friday-pool-party/dynamic/IMG_8029.JPG-nggid047986-ngg0dyn-140x105x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010.JPG” width=”140″ height=”105″ style=”max-width:none;” />

July 7 Tuesday Staff Gone Mad

One more unforgettable staff pool party down here at Sisu Boutique Hotel. <img title="July 7 Tuesday Staff Party Puerto Banus" alt="July 7 Tuesday Staff Party Puerto Banus" src="https://www.sisuboutique.com/wp-content/gallery/july-7-tuesday-staff-party-puerto-banus/dynamic/IMG_0038 find more info.JPG-nggid047913-ngg0dyn-140x105x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010.JPG” width=”140″ height=”105″ style=”max-width:none;” /> 12►