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July 7 Tuesday Staff Gone Mad

One more unforgettable staff pool party down here at Sisu Boutique Hotel. <img title="July 7 Tuesday Staff Party Puerto Banus" alt="July 7 Tuesday Staff Party Puerto Banus" src="https://www.sisuboutique.com/wp-content/gallery/july-7-tuesday-staff-party-puerto-banus/dynamic/IMG_0038 find more info.JPG-nggid047913-ngg0dyn-140x105x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010.JPG” width=”140″ height=”105″ style=”max-width:none;” /> 12►

Photo Moments from May 2015

Remember the best moments of May 2015 together with Sisu team. Find yourself,tag you friends, share on Facebook. Hotel Restaurant July 11 Sam Divine @ Sisu Roof Party 21 Photos July 10 Sisu Friday Pool Party 25 Photos July 7 Tuesday Staff Party Puerto Banus 70 Photos July 04 Sisu Hotel Day Roof Party 14 Photos July 3 Friday Pool Party 47 Photos June 30 Sisu Staff Party Gone Mad …